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Can health exist in a toxic world?!

Can Health Exist In A Toxic World? There’s really no question about it – we live in a toxic world. The fact is, we are born into a toxic environment. Studies have confirmed that over 200 chemicals are found in the umbilical blood of a newborn infant and radiation spills even thousands of miles away affect the food supply close to home. We could debate the details and severity of environmental… Read More »

Do you want to eat healthy without blowing your budget?

Hey Team! One thing I hear a lot is “I know I need to eat healthy but it’s just too expensive”. So I thought I would take this challenge on and what I’m enjoying experimenting with at the moment is finding ways to bring my weekly food bill down without sacrificing my overall health. I would love to hear what tips and tricks you guys have that save you money but still give you good results? One tip I share with you in the video… Read More »