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Here comes the flu!

Here Comes The Flu…what should you do?  Based on the government estimates of potential deaths due to “the flu” we should be scared.  The good news is they are likely vastly over estimated as reported in this 2012 CBC report. CLICK HERE To Read The Report Regardless of how “strong” this year’s influenza virus is or isn’t, the MOST important determinant as to who contracts the flu is how well… Read More »

Want to stop colds and flu interfering with your training?

Hey Team!What have I been dealing with this week? This week I’ve been cold! I haven’t actually caught a cold but I have been FREEZING, which is putting stress on my immune system and if I’m not careful I will end up coming down with a bug. Sometimes you can take all the right preventative steps but you end up sick anyway. I don’t know about you but I find it super FRUSTRATING when it stops me… Read More »

Are you frustrated by always being sick and tired? How to prevent colds and flu!

Hey Challengers! So what’s been happening? Well this week I’ve been noticing just how many people out there are dropping like flies with colds and flu! It seems to be especially problematic at this time of year. When I was growing up I used to get sick all the time. Every year I would get 3-4 colds and they would often linger for weeks! How many times a year do… Read More »