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Can health exist in a toxic world?!

Can Health Exist In A Toxic World? There’s really no question about it – we live in a toxic world. The fact is, we are born into a toxic environment. Studies have confirmed that over 200 chemicals are found in the umbilical blood of a newborn infant and radiation spills even thousands of miles away affect the food supply close to home. We could debate the details and severity of environmental… Read More »

Here comes the flu!

Here Comes The Flu…what should you do?  Based on the government estimates of potential deaths due to “the flu” we should be scared.  The good news is they are likely vastly over estimated as reported in this 2012 CBC report. CLICK HERE To Read The Report Regardless of how “strong” this year’s influenza virus is or isn’t, the MOST important determinant as to who contracts the flu is how well… Read More »

Does cracking your joints give you arthritis?

Hey Team! Want to know once and for all if cracking your joints causes arthritis? Well… No! No! No it doesn’t! I get this question all the time and it’s actually a total myth that joint cracking causes arthritis. Todays video is all about demystifying what really does cause arthritis and what you can do about it. So tune in for another video to transform your health and performance! Check… Read More »