How do you rate your health and performance?

By | August 22, 2014

Hey Team!

This last week I have been checking in on the progress of many of my clients and what suddenly came to my attention is how often we forget to do a REALITY CHECK on our health and performance. You are either heading towards optimal health and performance or you are heading towards pain, injuries and disease. Getting truthful with yourself about where you are at is the first step to being able to MAKE A DIFFERENCE going forward.   

How often do you do a Reality Check on your health? What are some of your favourite ways to do this? 
There are some simple questions you can use to do your own Reality Check and below I have given you eight of my favourite ones. I use these on a regular basis – being a Chiropractor it’s hard not to! And I recommend that you run through these at least every three months. 

  1. Where did I rate my health and performance three months ago, out of ten? 
  2. Where do I rate my health and performance right now, out of ten?
  3. Is it improving, getting worse or staying the same?
  4. What can I congratulate myself for?
  5. What have I been doing to enhance my health and performance?
  6. What would I like to improve on over the next three months?
  7. What do I need to start doing (or keep doing) that will make a positive difference?
  8. What structure/plan can I put in place to make sure it happens?
To give you an idea of this in practice, here is an example of what I did for myself recently:Gareth’s Reality Check for 17th August 2014
  1. Three months ago I rated my performance at a 6/10 and my health as a 7.5/10.
  2. Now I rate my performance at 7/10 and my health at 8/10.
  3. It is improving.
  4. I am drinking more water every day, which is making a big difference.
  5. I have been getting chiropractic adjustments. I have been working on my mental/emotional state using NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique) and through seminars at Landmark Worldwide. I have been exercising, stretching and foam rolling. I have been drinking more water and taking some B vitamins. 
  6. I would like to increase the flexibility of my shoulders, upper back and neck and I would like to have my energy levels more consistent. 
  7. I am going to keep doing the above and I am also going to –
    • Get massages on a weekly basis
    • Have more regular exercise sessions and stretching sessions
    • Redo a nutritional assessment to see if I am missing anything
    • Do a fast (I’ve never done one before and I know it will be good for me)
    • Focus on my efficiency at work so that I have more time for exercise, stretching and other things I enjoy.
  8. Use my diary to book in all the sessions. Check in once a month to see if I am taking the actions and put this in my diary as well.


  • Do NOT compare yourself with others. My rating of health and performance is specific to me. A 6/10 for me will probably be different for you. 
  • WRITE all this down so that you can go back and refer to it. Doing it in your head does NOT work.
  • Question eight will make a BIG difference in how well you do over the next three months.  

Let me know how all this is going for you. I love hearing from you to find out what you’re up to and how I can help!

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Keep rocking your world!
Dr Gareth

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