Do you want to eat healthy without blowing your budget?

By | July 23, 2014

Hey Team!

One thing I hear a lot is “I know I need to eat healthy but it’s just too expensive”. So I thought I would take this challenge on and what I’m enjoying experimenting with at the moment is finding ways to bring my weekly food bill down without sacrificing my overall health.

I would love to hear what tips and tricks you guys have that save you money but still give you good results?

One tip I share with you in the video is my classic 80/20 rule – I swear by this one for most (if not all) things! I also talk about meal planning, how to get the most benefit from oats and rice and how to swap some meat dishes into vegetarian ones AND still feel full after you eat!
Have a look at the video here:

Let me know your thoughts on the video on Facebook or email me (details below)! Tell me if any of this stuff works for you and share your own tips with me, I love to discover new things!  
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Rock on!

Dr Gareth
P.S For some extra motivation try this out: One of the things I do when I need an extra BOOST is to write some positive things on my bathroom mirror. That way I can look at it everyday and remind myself that LIFE IS AWESOME! At the moment I have –
“SMILE and LAUGH as much as you can today, it will make someones day, including yours!”
Give it a try this week, with this quote or your own, and let me know how you get on! 

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