Can health exist in a toxic world?!

By | August 14, 2017

Can Health Exist In A Toxic World?

There’s really no question about it – we live in a toxic world. The fact is, we are born into a toxic environment. Studies have confirmed that over 200 chemicals are found in the umbilical blood of a newborn infant and radiation spills even thousands of miles away affect the food supply close to home.

We could debate the details and severity of environmental pollution, the effects on human health and the best solution to detoxify our lives but the one piece that goes completely overlooked is the body’s ability to adapt.

You see, living things, including human beings, are amazing. The human body is a self healing, self organizing, self regulating system. The hallmark of all living organisms is their ability to adapt to their environment, survive and thrive.

It’s not as simple as toxin A causes problem B. There are thousands of people who have smoked for years and did not develop cancer. This doesn’t mean the chemicals associated were not toxic; it means that person was able to adapt to the level of toxicity introduced into their body.

What we can do instead of just focusing on removing toxins? This solution on the other hand, is quite simple; we can focus on creating health!

Health is the by-product of a body that is functioning properly and, as our health increases, our ability to adapt to stress also increases. Our detoxification systems work better, our immune system can destroy rogue cells better, and our body is better equipped to address all of the chemical, environmental, emotional and physical stresses we face every day.

I’m no fan of a toxic environment, but I can’t say I don’t contribute.
I love my computer, my beautiful home with paint, plastics and other amenities that all add to the toxic load. I’m not suggesting we act unconsciously and treat our planet or ourselves like a garbage dump, but I do believe we should allocate our energy and resources into real solutions.

My advice?

Reduce toxicity where you can, but put the bulk of your energy into building yourself the strongest and healthiest possible. This means eating real food, moving regularly, and keeping a clear Brain – Body Connection. It’s called living your life By Design.

Now go live it!

Dr Gareth

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