Quick and easy healthy snacks

Hey Team! One of my favourite things to do is eat! Seriously. I love good healthy, nutritious food…as well as the occasional ‘not so good for me treat’ – I’m human too! So when I’m between meals and I get hungry, I find it great to have on hand a quick, easy snack that isn’t loaded with sugar and additives.   What do you snack on? What is the one thing you always have… Read More »

Simplified nutrition for your training

Hey Team! What are your nutrition tips? Do you have any pre season food rituals? What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given with regards to your nutrition? So this week I got asked to give some information on what athletes can do pre season to give them the best start with their performance. There are lots of options out there but what I decided to go to was nutrition. It’s… Read More »

Do you want to eat healthy without blowing your budget?

Hey Team! One thing I hear a lot is “I know I need to eat healthy but it’s just too expensive”. So I thought I would take this challenge on and what I’m enjoying experimenting with at the moment is finding ways to bring my weekly food bill down without sacrificing my overall health. I would love to hear what tips and tricks you guys have that save you money but still give you good results? One tip I share with you in the video… Read More »